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graffiti forum

graff talk and images 
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creepy brazilian pieces

by Kris
990201/03/2008 04:58PM
Last Post by Hollywood Carney

I Never Post here!!!!

by Chubby Cheeks
8462012/29/2007 05:59AM
Last Post by Nerb

Tes one

by mistajinx
814412/23/2007 05:11PM
Last Post by ammunition


636612/20/2007 10:19PM
Last Post by NUGGET

bira fun here

by Kool_Dude_HaMeR
1,259112/11/2007 07:00PM
Last Post by Kool_Dude_HaMeR

lots of graffiti pics from Munich (Germany) & Zurich (Switzerland)

by DoomSystem
702312/05/2007 04:00PM
Last Post by ammunition

Evolution in an Underpass

by FussFool
8291311/07/2007 10:00PM
Last Post by Hollywood Carney

The Boundries of Graffitti

by iamstop
736511/03/2007 06:09PM
Last Post by iamstop

cereal killers

by carnage
711410/27/2007 07:01PM
Last Post by Hollywood Carney

Don't say I never spoil you...

by Nerb
658910/24/2007 02:02PM
Last Post by Nerb


by igotbeatsifyougotmoney
1,0381510/21/2007 07:10PM
Last Post by jus the audio vandal


by Big d(A)ddy G
695510/21/2007 12:39AM
Last Post by conor2007

Vibe (Cork)

by Molloy
8141310/20/2007 12:43PM
Last Post by jus the audio vandal

taggers make up the dregs of graffiti

by Kool_Dude_HaMeR
839710/18/2007 01:12PM
Last Post by trx

Moss graffiti

by Nerb
909510/16/2007 04:12PM
Last Post by trx

Monopoly Graf Piece

by Mickey Gatch
2,596710/03/2007 12:52PM
Last Post by Decka

graf artist wanted

by carnage
867809/18/2007 11:20PM
Last Post by jonnyboy

Graffiti Tv Dvd's

by Longy
890108/16/2007 05:35PM
Last Post by Longy

some cool graf...

by Yungrexy
804207/27/2007 01:38AM
Last Post by Decka

Kings of Concrete Festival 2007

by ds
707507/24/2007 10:57AM
Last Post by ds


by Blah
9072607/23/2007 12:33AM
Last Post by DIZZY D

new Graf in the Bernard Shaw (bodytonic's pub)

by White Noise (Human Beatbox)
1,212407/18/2007 02:31PM
Last Post by Sideline Inc.

Talent Variety Competition, Dalkey. 1,000 cash prize - calling all performers

by kingofdalkey
799107/16/2007 04:29PM
Last Post by kingofdalkey

New Project

by Kounter Kulture
881107/04/2007 08:25PM
Last Post by Kounter Kulture

sally longs galway

by Danny Diggs
752207/03/2007 01:18AM
Last Post by doobious

Six hours in 2 minutes....graffiti piece..

by SUB_X
760306/24/2007 12:59PM
Last Post by defecteffect

are u having a laugh?does anyone know anything bout graf...blah

by tonystyles
7471606/06/2007 02:26PM
Last Post by Sharp..

Graf artists wanted!!!

by Brendan
721705/25/2007 04:05PM
Last Post by Brendan

the bernard shaw needs a painting

by carnage
7281805/25/2007 12:23PM
Last Post by trx

FAO Graff Artists from Cork

by Dave SDK
817105/19/2007 11:50PM
Last Post by Dave SDK

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