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irish/worldwide hiphop vid links 
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Spekulativ Fiktion - 'living proof that the pen is mightier than the

by seáncraicmob
1,130109/09/2010 11:35PM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

speCifiK Verse and Freestyle

by speCifiK
1,006509/07/2010 11:08AM
Last Post by speCifiK

M.F. Grimm - ww III

by seáncraicmob
1,111109/04/2010 02:14PM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

Music Vid: Wardie Burns / UVBeatz - Burgh Boy

by Sonsofscotland
1,193108/31/2010 10:42AM
Last Post by Sonsofscotland


by Sonsofscotland
1,092108/26/2010 01:32PM
Last Post by Sonsofscotland

Gaz - Yipped

938308/25/2010 11:13PM
Last Post by AR Linez

Eminem - Going Through Changes (Remix) ft D-Dash w/ Lyrics (Recovery 2010)

by deedashflow
1,125108/10/2010 09:34AM
Last Post by deedashflow

Spekulativ Fiktion - two beats

by seáncraicmob
1,093108/08/2010 07:31PM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

***new promo video**

by mcsquared
1,006408/07/2010 02:26AM
Last Post by mcsquared

Free freestyles Skin on guitar riffs

by Nig911
1,018208/06/2010 08:26PM
Last Post by Dave SDK

Beat Construction Vid (Conor Boy)

by conorboy
1,035108/05/2010 04:45PM
Last Post by conorboy
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!!!!!!! M.C.Dubh im here to Stay,what i have offered to Irish Hip Hop Scene so far!!!!!!!!!

by M.C.Dubh
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Video On Rap Ireland Website

by Lineage
1,065708/04/2010 08:58PM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

Mayer Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'

by seáncraicmob
1,024307/24/2010 07:42PM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

New Music Video - for a song from Skin's upcoming Mixtape

by Nig911
1,040107/23/2010 03:52AM
Last Post by Nig911

make a video by typing thingy

by iamstop
1,020207/20/2010 02:34PM
Last Post by iamstop


by JacksonIrishHipHop
1,006207/19/2010 10:15AM
Last Post by aisloy15

driving in me van

by BeatWeaver
1,072107/17/2010 04:34AM
Last Post by BeatWeaver

THE KID MONDO response to the haters

by Rayo
946207/16/2010 04:36PM
Last Post by shadypac93

Best song I've heard in... forever!

by iamstop
1,022207/15/2010 12:49AM
Last Post by Dbeats

I Show My Teeth (VIDEO)

by scatabrainz
1,026107/14/2010 08:00PM
Last Post by scatabrainz

Roysta - Live - The Venereal Olympics

by The Cyclops Jesus
1,134107/09/2010 07:52AM
Last Post by The Cyclops Jesus

mook (sons Phonetic) (correkt minds) beat making/ep promo

by z ruqus the rabbi
1,167207/06/2010 07:05PM

Guy admits to being gay in a rap battle

by CEO
1,7981407/06/2010 09:04AM
Last Post by Dave SDK

Fucking loving this...

by littlemisshobo
1,097107/06/2010 07:54AM
Last Post by littlemisshobo

Genocide - The Remedy Ft. KP & DJ Trickalome

by brendjstylus
1,217107/05/2010 02:31PM
Last Post by brendjstylus

weird premo interview in bulgaria

by SammyDozens
1,112206/19/2010 04:29AM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

Lloyd Banks new video shot in Dublin

by CEO
1,9102306/14/2010 03:59PM
Last Post by Molloy

Miracle Makers-Finish Line

by Row-B
1,223106/10/2010 03:48AM
Last Post by Row-B

"Wee Jonny" Jun Tzu ft Baby J official video (short edit)

by Jun Tzu
1,204206/07/2010 05:45PM
Last Post by seáncraicmob

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