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I Need a New Mic......

Posted by Sideline Inc. 
I Need a New Mic......
March 19, 2011 04:53PM

Shortened this Thread down to bare minimum for obvious reasons. Any fresh suggestions post here and I will add to first post and delete as we go so it doesnt end up at 6+ pages.

Suggestions for MICs include(and are not limited to):

Shure sm58(or Beta 58 if ya can afford it) as best all rounder ie recording and live gigs(especially if you're just starting out). Price between 80-130.

AKG C3000(can vouch for this one myself along with Arkham P77) Nice condensor at a good price(approx e190 from Thomann)

Behringer UltraVoice XM1800S (super low budget @ 30-50 yoyos). DJ Elemental recomends these for dudes/dudettes on a budget

Sennheiser e845 approx €140. Better than a sm58 according to Ireland's no 1 beatboxer Whitenoise

AKG Perception 200 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Mic. Recomended by Sub-X music producer

Rode NT-2A condenser mic as per Finnesse veteran battle champ

Rode NT1, they not much dearer than a sm58 n sound very well...Gerard i2 Northern Irish MC

Samson GTrack usb mic. The sound is pretty good out of it, it has a built in audio interface so u can control the levels while your at the mic + it has line ins to record instruments and lines to monitor the outputs. Overall its pretty feckin good and its a usb so its handy as. Think it was about 100-120 im not sure about the price but its well worth it id say. Specifik

Audio Technica AT2020. It's a great mic when I can get it positioned properly, but sometimes it can sound a bit top end heavy or weak being a condenser. Nothing a bit of EQ work can't solve of course. I've heard this is of similar quality to Condensers 3x it's price so I'd recommend to anyone whether they're starting off or relatively experienced. DJ Destroid

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Re: The Microphone Thread
March 20, 2011 07:31PM

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Cheers for this man.checkin them out nowWink
Re: I Need a New Mic......
January 06, 2012 02:29PM

Getting a new mic and have $150 on the dot to spend on it, Looking to get a USB one with stand, pop shield. Anyone know if this one would be any use?[]
Re: I Need a New Mic......
March 15, 2012 02:18AM

Not too sure about usb mics but it is a large diaphragm condensor so might be alright.

Was talking to Michael Winslow about mics and he reckons sm58 all the way. He has one for past 22 years and I'd say he abuses it like crazy.
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