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Fill ins
April 06, 2007 11:05PM

Hey i was just wonderin', what way to you fill in your throw-ups? I do my fill ins first then the outline. But then when i do the outline its not very accurate any ideas?

PS: whats the deal with blackrock baths? i went there today and its completely locked off with a big steel door now, no way in. I need some good spots!


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Re: Fill ins
April 25, 2007 03:34PM

id do rugh scetch in the fill in colour then fill it in then do outline.
unless your outline colour is brighter than the fill in colour. always do bright colours first as much as you can.

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Re: Fill ins
April 25, 2007 07:58PM

yo man eh do wat ur doin nd do ur outline in ur fill colour nd then fill first .. then just slap a skinny cap or if ur usin a fat just go real carefull wit it .. safe .. nd as for blackrock baths that place aint worth paintin ya get lashed in ther
Re: Fill ins
April 26, 2007 08:00PM

ye baths suck for fame dont they, anyway in all city they dont have skinny caps wit sucks
Re: Fill ins
April 29, 2007 03:18PM

I thought they did have skinny caps but they didn't have fat.
Re: Fill ins
April 30, 2007 08:04PM

lol hey keya! they cud have skinnier caps i tink.
Re: Fill ins
May 19, 2008 08:17PM

And always fill in like a typewriter. Go from left to right from top to bottom as quickly and as neat as possible like a typewriter. keeps the fill neat and solid.
Re: Fill ins
June 11, 2008 07:54PM

outline wit the fill colour den line

the baths ders an way in along the beach bita scalin invovled
beware of junkies man yeah dodgy spot
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